New Zealand: Rude arrival but warm welcome

After more than two months in Asia we finally moved to the next continent. To the country most far away from home: Kiwi-land! What about Kiwi? Yes, Kiwi is a fruit at home (and a “colonized” local one as well). But never order a kiwi in a restaurant without adding the word fruit: kiwi-fruit. Otherwise the animalprotection officials will arrest you. Because Kiwi is the name of the famous and endangered bird. If you want to know why he and other birds in NZ can’t fly: Its because originally there have been no mammals on the islands, leaving a niche for a lot of funny creatures. But the threat came with the first immigrants.
The easy going people here are also called Kiwi. You shouldn’t order them in a restaurant neither.


Auckland is our first stop in New Zealand. Immigration is not as easy as we thought. It seems to be an issue in every country we visited. This time it’s not a visa issues. We are asked a lot of bizarre questions and get accused of not having brought the tickets from the former flights in South-East-Asia. And why would we have only these small bags with us??? Afterwards we will learn that due to the lately itinerary, we are recognized as possible drug smugglers… 😉

Anyway… After this rude start we take the Airport Bus (the driver isn’t more charming after we “illegally” entered HIS bus) to our first stay at Floss’ & Andrew’s home. They rent us a very nice studio adjacent to their house in the charming Mt Eden area for the next 5 days. We have luck to have such lovely hosts.


The next days we try to overcome the jetlag, get used to western life again and plan our next steps! We learn that one of the three usually available ferries between the northern & southern island broke. The cover will arrive by the end of January which is the end of the main season. Therefore no transfer with vehicules is available (all booked out) and our plan to buy a car makes no sense as it would be too much effort for only some weeks on one island. That’s why we decide to rent a motorhome for the Northern Island. But right now it’s the beginning of summer season and almost all motorhomes are taken. Finally, by the end of our preparation stay, we find an available and affordable motorhome and really look forward to departure soon. 🙂

But life is not plannable… After a very nice evening with Floss & Andrew and their friends, Patrick get fever in the night! No problem if we hadn’t been travelling throughout South-East-Asia recently! If you get fever it can be Malaria, Dengue or another tropical infection. That’s why we decide to go to a clinic and consequently to the hospital to undergo all necessary tests. First we thought it will last about 2-3 hours. But at the moment it seems that Patrick has to stay overnight in the hospital. And remember, the next day is our pick-up day for our motorhome!

Would it be possible to catch it? Or would Pat’s fever put a spoke in our wheel?


2 thoughts on “New Zealand: Rude arrival but warm welcome

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